Side Hustles for Moms Summit

Do you know other moms who would love to start or revive their side hustle?

Why not make some extra money by sharing the summit with your friends, community, and readers?

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How It Works...



Click the 'Become an Affiliate' button on this page to submit your application.


After you join, you’ll be receive an email to a Google Drive with swipe copy, and graphics to help you promote. I've also added some ideas on how to promote.

Get Paid

You'll earn 40% from each sale. Commissions will be distributed on Tuesday, October 3rd.

How Much Could You Earn?

Here's an example of your potential earnings.

Meet Semonna.

I'm a child of God, wife and Mom of 5.

Side Hustles for Moms exists to help moms, who feel overwhelmed by their roles and responsibilities, start to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions. This is accomplished through four significant components: Conquering fear, beating overwhelm, renewing your mindset, and pursuing your forgotten or abandoned dreams.


How much commission will I earn for promoting these products?

You'll earn $14.80 for each VIP Pass sold and $38.80 for each All-Access Pass sold.  

How can I promote my link?

The possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular include creating a blog post, sharing an image or video on social media or sending an email to your list, or sending a DM to your followers.  

What is the cookie/referral period?


Do you have swipe copy & promotional images I can use?

Yes! We will provide a swipe file via email.  

When will I get paid?

Tuesday, October 3, 2023. 

How will I get paid?

You'll be asked to provide your Paypal address during the sign-up process. We'll use the same Paypal account to distribute your commissions. 

Who gets credit for the sale? First click or last click?

The most recent (or last click) will receive credit for the referral.  

Can I use my own affiliate link?

No. Failure to comply will result in your suspension from the affiliate program, and canceling of any pending commissions.